The Dr GS Khush Foundation in collaboration with the Punjab Agricultural University organized a symposium in honor and memory of prominent geneticist Dr DS Brar at the Dr Manmohan Singh Auditorium here today. The two-day symposium, ‘Transforming the Green Revolution Hub of India: Innovations in Crop Breeding, Resource Management and Policy’, focused on the enhancement […]

Meet the blockbuster ‘rice man’ who fed the world No food crop in history has been planted in as much area as the varieties developed by Gurdev Singh Khush, the world’s most prolific, and perhaps greatest, rice breeder by Harish Damodaran. He’s to rice, what the ‘Father of the Green Revolution’, Norman Borlaug, was to […]

The two-day symposium aimed at transforming the green revolution hub of India, organized by Dr GS Khush Foundation and PAU, in honor of Dr Darshan Singh Brar, concluded here today. In accordance with the theme, ‘Innovations in Resource Management, the keynote speakers, Dr. Suresh Kumar Chaudhry, Deputy Director General, Natural Resource Management, ICAR and Dr […]

I worked on rice breeding for 35 years and developed more than 300 high-yielding rice varieties, which came to be known as miracle rice. These were widely adopted and planted all over the world. In India, this gave impetus to the Green Revolution. From being food insecure and on the verge of famine in the […]